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Commercial Tenant Improvements

Customized Business Spaces

When your business expands into a new location, it’s vital to ensure that the space aligns with your specific operational requirements. At Western Summit, we specialize in tailoring spaces to meet your business needs.

Your Outfitting Partner

We’re your trusted partner in making your vision a reality. Whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or more subtle cosmetic improvements, we have the expertise and resources to assist you.

Enhanced Lighting Solutions

Our proficiency extends to comprehensive lighting upgrades that not only improve aesthetics but also enhance functionality and efficiency in your workspace.

Diverse Industry Expertise

Western Summit is equipped to cater to a wide range of industries, including restaurants, kitchens, retail establishments, and warehouses. We understand the unique demands of each sector and adapt our solutions accordingly.

Streamlined Electrical Relocation

When it comes to electrical relocation, we ensure a seamless transition, minimizing disruption to your business operations. Our team handles the intricacies, so you can focus on your core business activities.


“I had the pleasure of hiring Western Summit Electric for the hanging of a very heavy chandelier. He knew that it would need extra support and went about making that happen. He even wore the gloves I supplied (without asking), as to not leave finger prints on the crystal’s! He insisted on sweeping up his own mess as part of his job. I had him come back another time, once again removing his shoes (without being asked), for more ceiling light replacements, he was friendly, doing the job quickly and efficiently. I will hire him again if need be and would strongly recommend him to anyone who asks.”

Donna Redekop

“When I needed to renovate a rental apartment that I owned, I wanted to upgrade the lighting. I asked Chad to give me suggestions and do the install. He removed the old fluorescent fixtures in the kitchen and installed LED potlights, ensuring that the work areas would be well lit and the lighting was even. He developed an ingenious solution for undercabinet lighting (Ikea) so I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on Ikea’s system. He fished wire through walls and the ceiling to provide living room lighting that is the envy of other tenants. I couldn’t be happier with the final product coming in at a great price with high quality work. I’ll call him again for the next reno!”

Albert F

“We recently moved out to a rural area where in just a few months we experienced a couple of significant power outages. I connected with Chad at Western Summit and he installed a generator for us that has now given us complete peace of mind. During the last outage it worked like a charm. Because of where our breaker panel is located we had to put the generator close to our front entrance but it has been done so neatly and efficiently, it doesn’t detract from our outdoor esthetics at all. Will definitely call him again for any electrical needs. 5 star rating!!!”

Marlene F

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