Is It Dangerous if a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

Is It Dangerous if a Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?

The buzzing sound from your electrical panel or the flickering lights may be a danger sign.

And it can lead to a circuit breaker tripping. 

While resetting the breaker and continuing with your day may be tempting, frequent circuit breaker tripping is a cause for concern. It could lead to serious safety hazards, such as electrical fires or shocks. 

In fact, faulty home electricals cause 51,000 fires every year!

Therefore, it is prudent to contact a licensed electrician to check and repair the problem. 

A licensed electrician will explain why a circuit breaker tripping regularly is a cause for concern and what potential problems may occur if you ignore the problem. We will also address why it is important to call a licensed electrician to assist with any necessary repairs.

Reasons for Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping 

If your circuit breaker continues tripping, one of these could be the cause.

  • Overloading 

Connecting too many electrical devices to a single circuit requires more power than the circuit can handle, therefore, leading it to trip.

Before the circuit breaker trips, you may notice a flickering or dimming of the lights. But, because you are not a qualified electrician, you may overlook these warning indicators.

Eventually, the circuit breaker trips to prevent overheating and fire from occurring due to overloading.

Here are some things you can do if this happens:

  • Reduce the electrical load on the circuit by unplugging some of the devices or turning off some of the lights connected to the circuit. 
  • Use fewer appliances, especially power-hungry appliances like fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Ensure the load on each circuit is never 100%. To be safe, the load placed on each circuit should not exceed 80%.
  • Consult an electrician to help you identify the problem and recommend the best action to prevent future circuit breaker tripping.
  • Short Circuits 

The loose connections or damaged cables and appliances you continue to ignore may cost you a lot of money.

Here’s how it can happen.

When loose connections, damaged wires, and appliances go unnoticed, they can create hazardous electrical conditions leading to short circuits.

A short circuit occurs when a hot wire (carrying electrical current) comes into contact with a neutral wire (returning electrical current to the source) or a ground wire (providing a path to dissipate excess electricity).

This creates a low-resistance path for an unregulated burst of electrical current to pass through, causing damage to your electrical system and equipment.

A surge in electrical current can cause equipment to consume more than usual, increasing overall energy usage and resulting in a higher bill.

It could also cause electrical fires, electrocution, or damage to electrical devices.

Therefore, if you suspect a short circuit or another electrical problem in your home, you should contact a professional electrician to assess and repair the problem.

  • Ground Faults and Faulty Wiring

A ground fault occurs when an electrical current deviates from the circuit’s intended path and runs through the ground, which can be dangerous.

It can happen when a hot wire comes into contact with a grounded object, like a metal pipe or the ground.

On the other hand, improper wiring that results from poor installation, deterioration, or damage to the wires can trip circuit breakers. Mainly because it can result in overloading or short circuits.

It is therefore critical to have a skilled electrician evaluate any tripped circuit breakers. They will execute the necessary repairs to ensure the safety and dependability of your electrical system.

  • Damaged Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers can fail due to wear and tear, strain, and electrical surges, resulting in frequent tripping. Electrical components have a life span and need to eventually be replaced. If you live in an older home with the original electrical systems, there is a high chance your electrical components have exceeded their life span and should be replaced. 

A professional electrician should inspect your circuit breaker if you suspect there is damage to it.

Do not attempt to check it out yourself, as it can lead to electrical shock or fires.

Potential Dangers of Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping 

Frequent circuit breaker tripping can cause these potential dangers as shown in the table below. These dangers can compromise the safety of your home and its occupants.

Potential Danger Description How to Fix It
Electrical Fires Overloading or short circuits can cause wires to overheat and spark Call a licensed electrician immediately
Electrical Shock Improperly working electrical systems can increase the risk of shock when someone comes into contact with an exposed wire or device. Call a licensed electrician immediately
Damage to Devices and electrical system Frequent tripping can damage electrical devices and appliances Check devices for damage. Then replace them or call a licensed electrician to repair them and the damaged electrical system
Inconvenience or Disruption Frequent tripping can be disruptive and inconvenient by interrupting your daily activities, such as cooking, using electronic devices, or doing household chores. Check devices for damage. Then call a licensed electrician to replace or repair them 
Medical Risks Frequent tripping can pose risks to individuals with medical needs Call a licensed electrician immediately

Fix a Circuit Breaker that Keeps Tripping

If a circuit breaker is tripping contact an experienced licensed electrician for a secure solution.

The team at Western Summit Electric Ltd has undergone extensive training and has experience dealing with various electrical issues. We have the expertise to identify the root cause of frequent circuit breaker tripping and provide safe and effective solutions.

When you attempt to fix electrical issues on your own, it can be dangerous and increase the risk of electrical shock or fire. 

On the other hand, licensed electricians have the necessary safety equipment. They also ensure they follow strict safety protocols when making repairs.

Contact us to address your frequent circuit breaker issues. We provide residential and commercial electrical services. We also ensure that we do repairs safely and comply with local codes and regulations.